Central Grace Church "To The Praise Of The Glory Of His Grace"
--Ephesians 1:6

Central Grace Church

3596 Franklin Street Rocky Mount, Virginia

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July 22nd . 2018

9:30 am ……………………….……………………… Christ, The End of The Law For Righteousness – Romans 10:1-9

10:00 am ……………………….…………………..…… The King’s Decree: Come Keep The Passover – 2 Chronicles 30

Wednesday: 7:00 pm ……………………………………………….… Teach Me, Give Me, Make Me – Psalm 119:33-40

Birthdays: July: 24th – Vikki Patton, August: 1st – Joseph Parks, 2nd – Doris Mahan & Tom Canterbury

Cleaning: This Week: Polks, Next Week: Pendrys / / / Nursery: Teresa / Aimee

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The Spirit of True Preaching

There is a big difference in preaching at someone and preaching to someone. There is a big difference in preaching to condemn someone for being wrong, and preaching to convict someone that God is right. There is a big difference in loving to preach, and preaching in love to those you love.

Romans chapter 9 is as clear a passage in all of the Bible concerning God’s sovereign election, sovereign mercy, sovereign grace and power. But we need to begin preaching the Truth in the spirit in which Paul wrote it. He began by saying, “I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart . . . for my brethren, my kinsmen (vs.2-3). No man spoke the Truth more boldly or plainly, yet he did so ‘in love’ (Eph.4:15).

We need to uncompromisingly preach the Truth of the Gospel of God’s sovereign grace in Christ. But, O’ for the grace to preach the Gospel of Christ in the spirit of Christ, Who cried, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem!” Christ was the only One Who had a right to get mad at people, yet He wept over them. – (1989)

True Doctrine – By Horatius Bonar

ON TRUE DOCTRINE rests the worship of the true and living GOD. There is a tendency among many religious people to undervalue true doctrine, to exalt morality at the expense of the character of GOD and the teachings of our Lord, and to deny the importance of a sound creed. I do not doubt that sound creed has often covered an unsound life. But when I hear it said, “Such and such do not believe the doctrines of sovereign grace and substitution, but they love the Lord and are saved,” I wonder and ask, “What then was the Bible written for?” Is it no infallible expression of the mind of GOD? Is it no standard of Truth? Are we to believe what appeals to us and deny the rest? GOD FORBID! GOD’S Word declares the oneness of Truth and condemns every departure from the Truth as a DIRECT ATTACK ON GOD HIMSELF! Do not tell me that a man’s heart is right with GOD when his head contains a creed of error and denies the PERSON AND WORK OF THE REDEEMER.

 To be saved from sins is to be saved from ignoring and despising the authority of God. It is to abandon the course of self-will and self-pleasing. It is to forsake our way; it is to surrender to God’s authority; it is to yield to His dominion; it is to give ourselves over to be ruled by Him. One who has never taken Christ’s yoke upon himself and who is not truly seeking to please Him in all details of life and yet supposing he is resting in Christ is deceived.

– Scott Richardson