Central Grace Church "To The Praise Of The Glory Of His Grace"
--Ephesians 1:6

Central Grace Church

3596 Franklin Rocky Mount, Virginia

Website: www.centralgracechurch.com Email: centralgracechurch@gmail.com

February 10th. 2019

9:30 am ……………………….……………………………..…… To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain – Philippians 1:21-30

10:00 am ……………………….…………………..……………… Two Cousins in Christ; Elisabeth & Mary – Luke 1

Wednesday: 7:00 pm …………………… Consolation, Comfort & Joy; One Love, One Accord, One Mind – Philippians 2

Birthdays: February 20th – Lanie Bobbitt, 22nd – Irene Davis, 28th – Tammy Fannin

Cleaning: Nursery:

 Next Sunday… Lord willing, brother Cody Henson will be here to preach to you. I will be preaching Friday thru Sunday for Lantana Grace Church, Crossville, TN, Don Bell, pastor. Brother Larry Criss is preaching as well.

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Blessed Belief in the Sovereign Lord

Blessed is that man who is done with chance, who never speaks of luck- -but believes that from the least, even to the greatest, all things are ordained by the Lord. We dare not leave out the least event! The creeping of an aphid upon a rosebud is as surely arranged by the decree of Providence--as the march of a pestilence through a nation! Believe this, for if the least thing is omitted from the supreme government, so may the next be, and the next--until nothing is left in the divine hands. There is no place for chance, since God fills all things. -- Charles Spurgeon

Be still, and know that I am God…” -- Psalm 46:10

If God is not in control of everything, then God is not God. Whatever has come your way, it is God who sent it to you. He has already ordained the outcome of it. If you are His child, it will only bring good. Just be still and trust Him. — Gabe Stalnaker

The Power of This Glorious Gospel

The Power of the Gospel upon the saints’ belief, in a sense, is once and forever, but in another sense it is not. There is something essentially wrong with a man who calls himself a Christian and who can listen to a truly evangelistic (gospel) sermon without coming under conviction again, without feeling something of his own unworthiness, and rejoicing when he hears the Gospel remedy being presented. If a man can listen to such a sermon without being touched or moved I have to ask whether he is a Christian at all. It is inconceivable to me that a man who is a true believer can listen to a presentation of the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the glory of the Gospel, without being moved in two ways. One is to feel for a while, in view of what he knows about the plague of his own heart, that perhaps he is not a Christian at all; and then, to rejoice in the glorious Gospel remedy which gives him deliverance. Many a time have I been told, at the close of such a service, something like this . . .

A man, or a woman, would come in to see me and say, “You know, if I had not been converted before I would certainly have been converted tonight.” I always like to hear that. That means that they have felt the power of the Gospel again, they have seen the whole thing again, and they have, as it were, almost gone through the experience of conversion again. What I am asserting is that there must of necessity be something wrong, radically wrong, with one who claims to be a Christian who does not come under the power of this glorious Gospel every time it is presented. – Martin Lloyd Jones

Public Worship -- "Where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst Of them"-- Matt. 18:20 

The true child of God delights in public worship, because true worship does something for him.  True worship will draw us closer to Christ in communion, faith, love and obedience.  It shows us Christ, it shuts us up to Christ, and it leaves us looking to Christ.  If that is not the cause, we have not truly worshipped.  God uses public worship to cause us to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ.  It always inspires, increases, and enlarges the faith, submission, and consecration of the believer to Christ.  We cannot do without public worship, any more than we can go without food. – Todd Nibert