Central Grace Church "To The Praise Of The Glory Of His Grace"
--Ephesians 1:6

2020 Conferences

Katy Baptist Church (cancelled)

Fairmont, WV

Friday April 10, 2020 to Sunday April 12, 2020

  Pastor: Marvin Stalnaker

  Speaker:  Clay Curtis, Gabe Stalnaker

Hurricane Road Grace Church  (cancelled)

    Ashland, KY

  Friday April 24, 2020 to Sunday April 26, 2020

  Pastor:  Frank Tate

  Speaker:  TBA

Todds Road Grace Church   (cancelled)

    Lexington, KY

  Friday May 1, 2020 to Sunday May 3, 2020

  Pastor:  Todd Nibert

  Speaker:  TBA

Calvary Baptist Church  

    Winston, GA

  Friday May 15, 2020 to Sunday May 16, 2020

  Pastor:  Terry Worthan

  Speaker:  Paul Mahan, Bruce Grabtree

Sovereign Grace Chapel  (cancelled)

  Beaver, WV

    Friday June 5, 2020 to Sunday May 7, 2020

  Pastor:  Walter Pendleton

  Speaker:  TBA

Central Grace Church 

   Rocky Mount, VA

  Friday Nov 6, 2020 to Sunday Nov 8, 2020

  Pastor:  Paul Mahan

  Speaker:  John Chapman, David Eddmenson